UK Queen Convention 2009

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UK Queen Convention 2009

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A letter from Jacky:

"The Uk Queen convention will take place in Brean Sands, Somerset, March 27 to 30th, which is really NOT that far away!

It has to be the best weekend ever for Queen fans - Queen music all day, films, videos, solo videos, messages, guests, live music, sports, quizzes and much drinking and silliness amongst fellow fans!

This year we have so far booked THREE fabulous bands; The brilliant Miracle from Holland, ALWAYS a treat as they perform some of the less well know Queen songs completely live. We also have, from Holland, the excellent and very different Rock4 - Queen as you may have never heard it before, they will mesmerise you! And then to add to that, the wonderful Momo, who some may recall was Gallileo in the Spanish production of We Will Rock You. What a line up!

Add to that the company of simply the BEST people in the world, fellow Queen fans, and it's a recipe for a very memorable weekend!

It IS booking up fast, and we have sold out for the last two years, so do BOOK SOON if you want to join us, I can promise if you attend one, you will never miss another!!"
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